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welcome to

Hi everybody,

as you can see I finally decided to build a new website after many of you asked for it, hope you will enjoy it.
I’ll try to keep it updated as much as I can, as you can see is evolving almost every week (little corrections, new pages, new picture, new post, etc.) but a lot of work needs to be done before will be full functional.
Feel free to contact me if you see that something is not working properly on website and of course if you just need informations.

prase personal archive contents, freely downloadable on request

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  • Shrimps

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  • Others developing roadmap for year 2018

I’ve many ideas in my mind that I would like to develop here on, but free time is few and I can’t realize them all.
For this reason I decided to set some reasonable goals I would like to reach during this year.
The main things are the development of dichotomous keys for aquarium plants, update the actual shrimps judging criteria with with a new concept, increase the  number of pictures in the microstock, increase the number of picture and articles freely downloadable, write some interesting articles on the blog about shrimps, rare aquatic plants, environmental sciences, travel and maybe adding also some gadget in shop and a new section dedicated to bushcraft.

On the right side you can see several progress bars concerning the actual state of developing goal.
The numbers included in brackets are the goals I would like to reach.

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