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Specialised on freshwater fishes and ecology. Aquaculture and fish monitoring experienced.



Specialised in macro and microscopic photography of aquatic invertebrate, plants and fishes.
Only in 2015 I started to experiment with landscape photography and HDR.



Specialised in freshwater tropical shrimps breeding genus Caridina and Neocaridina and rare aquatic plants (Aridarum, Bolbitis, Bucephalandra, Colysis, Crepidomanes, Dydymoglossum,  Homalomena, Hymenasplenium, Schismatoglottis,  other Pteridophyta and Briophyta).
International shrimps contest judge and organizer.
Articles author and lecture

A bit about me

Im Sebastian Prati, a naturalist and passionate aquarist/photographer born and raised in Brè, a small village located in the Southern Swiss mountains.
In 2004 after I obtained my diplom at the business high school I decided to improve my German skylls so I went to Germany to study the language for almost 8 months, after that I worked in a bank but I realised that office work was not for me so in 2005 I started a Bs in analysis and management of natural resources at the Insubria University in Italy. At the same time I had several part time and casual jobs and I often worked more than what I studied, so it took long time to finish (the course was also eliminated by a school reform with all the consequent problems but this is an other story).
In 2015 after I finally ended my Bs in analysis and management of natural resouces, with a thesis about the biology and auto-ecology of Rutilus rutilus and possible interaction with Perca fluviatilis in Varese lake (Italy) i had the opportunity to work for the summer season at the Alpine Biology Center.
Afterwards in view of a future master degree in freshwater ecology in Tromsø (Norway), I decided to take a gap year doing volounteering in UK and Ireland to improve my english skills.
Actually I’m working as aquaculture employee.

I’ll never finish to learn so I always put myself on the frontline for new challenges.

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