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biology caridina

Biology and breeding of Neocaridina and Caridina

Lecture about biology and breeding of freshwater ornamental shrimps Neocaridina and Caridina in year 2011 at the biggest italian pet tradefair Aquabeach in Cesena, Italy.

Original title:

  • Prati Sebastian, 2011. Caridine e Neocaridine, biologia ed allevamento in acquario. Acquabeach 2011, Cesena
shrimp maniak n1

ShrimpManiak magazine

Shrimp maniak is a specialised Polish magazine dedicated to ornamental freshwater shrimps.

Articles i wrote for them:

  • Prati Sebastian 2015, IV European Shrimps Contest – Piacenza 2015, Shrimp Maniak n°1

Il mio acquario magazine

Il mio acquario is the most important specialised Italian magazine dedicated to aquarium.

Collaborations with them (text and picture):

  • Pictures (main picture frontpage and in the article about shrimps). Il mio acquario n°165
  • Pictures (miniature picture frontpage and in the article about algae). Il mio acquario n°166
  • Prati Sebastian, 2012. Red cherry, Sakura & co.: Neocaridina heteropoda e le sue varietà. Il mio acquario n°167, pag. 28-33
  • Prati Sebastian, 2012. Tigri, api e cristalli: scopriamo Caridina cf. cantonensis. Il mio acquario n°168, pag. 26-33
  • Prati Sebastian, 2012. Gamberetti in passerella, guida ai concorsi di bellezza. Il mio acquario n°169, pag. 22-24