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Black spotted pinto

Italian Shrimp Contest 2017 reportage

Hi everybody,

as I did for the Paris International Shrimp Contest, in this post I’ll write a little reportage about the first Italian Shrimp Contest that was held in Aprilia (LT), a small city near Rome, between the 21th and the 22th of January 2017.

The contest was organized by Vincenzo Spasiano, owner of Aquarium Shrimp House with help of some friends and the support of well known national and international companies such as: Troplant, Dennerle, Aquarium Shrimp House and Acquaviva Acquari.
The contest was created with the aim of promote our hobby, gather breeders togheter and rise founds for charity.READ MORE

italian shrimp contest

Italian Shrimp Contest (2017)

Hi everybody,

the last shrimps contest in participated as judge was the Paris International Shrimp Contest (see also my little reportage)  unfortunately I  couldn’t participate as judge to other contest because of unavoidable work engagements.
By the way, the first contest of this year where I’ll be present is the first edition of the Italian Shrimp Contest, wich will be held in Aprila (LT) the 21th and the 22th January 2017.

The first Italian Shrimp Contest is organized by Vincenzo Spasiano (owner of  Aquarium Shrimp House) and some of his friends with the support of well known national and international companies.