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My Norwegian experience (part III)

I was able to enjoy amazing landscapes and get to know interesting people that I encountered during the hike.
I was not used to 24 h of light and I was quite hyperactive so basically, I often hiked from 4-5 to 22-23, with only very short breaks to eat or drink when I remembered, I was very focused on hiking and my eyes and mind were lost in the surrounding nature. I only noticed that I was getting addicted to that when I realized that I only used my fishing road for around an hour to catch some Arctic charr for meals during the whole trip.


My Norwegian experience (part II)

Along the way, reindeers were a constant presence in the mountains, often appearing and disappearing like a ghost in the fog.
I had to go around some mountains due to high water in the rivers, but even if I was modifying the path on a daily basis discovering interesting hidden valleys, some with a special microclimate that made them look like a jungle.

My Norwegian experience (part I)

Hi everybody,
as usual, I appear and disappear like a ghost,  writing inconstantly, but here I’m again.  In the last post, I wrote a while ago, I was telling what my plan was, well plan as usual changed a little bit he he.

So I give you some update, I arrived in Oslo the 15th of July and I meet Nora Marie Andresen at the Station, was nice to see her again, and we spent few hours drinking beer and speaking. I spent then another day in Oslo just going around the city before getting to a train and make almost 22 hours trip up to Bodø where I wanted to start my hike.READ MORE