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Paris International Contest 2016 reportage

Well, time has come, the first edition of Paris International Shrimp contest will start tomorrow. It’s Friday morning, I’m a bit sick but this won’t stop me so I take two train to get in Zürich, from there I’ll take the TGV that go directly in Paris Gare de Lyon.

The journey is quite fast and in a bit more than 4 hours I’m in the middle of the station hall trying to find out the quickest way to reach the fair, ok let’s go with metro n1.

After few minutes I’m in front of the Château de Vincennes the French most important fortified castle, just on the opposite side is located Le Parc Floral de Paris, where Animal Expo-Animalis Show, the French biggest pet fair will be held.

The Paris International Shrimp contest it’s hosted by the expo and is situated in a pavilion on the right just after the main entrance. It’s around 16.00 and everybody ( Yoann, Karine, Agnieszka, Miranda, Steve,  Manu, Chiv, Nicolas, Florian, Maxime, Yannick, etc)  are working hard to set up the whole contest structure so I help them as well. Yes, I know it’s late, but a part of the stuff needed for the contest arrived late do to shipping delay and part didn’t arrived at all because was blocked from French customs, so with a bit of improvisation we made it.

We had a Lebanese dinner at 21.00 right? we are already more than half an hours late and still in expo… how about the others? Don’t worry we have posticipated to ten.

So after setting up most of the things, we are ready to go in good Lebanese restaurant, where we will be joined by other breeders.READ MORE

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Paris International Shrimps Contest

The 8-9  October 2016 during the Animal Expo fair will be held the Paris International Shrimps Contest, organized by my friend Yoann Petitjean (aka opty) owner of Paris Aqua, a company which supplies professional and amateur with high quality products for ornamental freshwater shrimps.

This is the first event organised by Paris Aqua but i’ve to say that seem to be really interesting, there are different well known breeder and  international judges (me too) coming from all over Europe and Japan.

We have to support this initiative, there was a lot of effort to organise it so I’ll be really glad to see you all there 🙂

paris international shrimps contest

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paris international shrimp contest website

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